The Grind. 

Hey y’all,

I am back to it. The grind. Since I got a job I was too busy to finish my bathroom and when I did find time I just wanted to relax! 

Well I finally finished it. It is beautiful and matches my beach theme I have going on in there.
This is how I did my vanity!

  1. Remove doors and drawers 
  2. Cut open the vanity for easy access. 
  3. Sand, buff, scruff. 
  4. Primer! 
  5. Color 
  6. Enjoy 

My bathroom is really tight so having the vanity cut open all of the way has helped a lot! I also had primer so I didn’t have to go buy any but, I read that they now have a primer that can be tinted to the color needed. I made my own color so it was a one-of-a-kind and couldn’t use the one primer/paint in one (plus I didn’t want to buy any). 

These are before, during, and after pictures!🙂


Please email me or comment how to do anything with the bathroom or for tips or anything! I would love to help! 


Hello everyone!

I would like to tell you that I got a job offer and I have another interview this Wednesday! Very exciting that I won’t be without a job anymore.🙂

Since I have been cooped up in my house without a job to go to, I have been doing home improvement projects. I started painting my bathroom, ordering some things for storage, and re-doing my bathroom vanity.

I would like to share some tips for the do-it-yourselfers out there.

  1. Have patients with painting. I was painting a very small bathroom and I couldn’t use a roller brush on a lot of the wall because every wall has something on it. I had to mostly hand brush everything. And, I did the bottom trim without painters tape. I am on day 3 on fixing my bathroom and I finished painting today, thanks to some tape from my in-laws.🙂
  2. USE PINTEREST!!! My bathroom is set up with a door in the middle, a window on the other wall, a shower behind the door that is wall to wall, the sink on the other side of the door and a toilet in between the sink and the mirror. I had absolutely no room for storage in the vanity. So Pinterest told me to cut it up and make it useful. I had a builders grade vanity with two roll-out drawers (1 that wouldn’t really open because the toilet tank was in the way) and two drawers (1 that wouldn’t really open because the rest of the toilet was in the way). I basically had access to one side of my toilet, which has now been changed. I cut it up and opened the space and I now have easy access to the vanity!
  3. Amazon is a lifesaver. I live in a bad area of Saint Louis. I hate to drive or be out around town. Ordering on Amazon helped me with this project and my lack-of-space issue. I ordered, with Amazon prime, an over the toilet organizer! I also ordered some things for my husband and I. I have a new phone case on the way😉.
  4. Spray-paint is fun. My mom bought some shower curtain hangers from Goodwill a long time ago, which I hated the colors of, but we used them anyways. They were free, use anything free!! I wanted a nature/beach theme in my bathroom and the holders were dragonflies. They’re cute, yes, but they were an ugly green and purple. I borrowed some nickel spray-paint from my mother-in-law and I sprayed them beautiful again. The purple and green didn’t go with my colors in the bathroom, the nickel is the finish of the faucet, toilet paper holder, etc.

There’s a few tips to help get your projects going along with websites that are useful. Always go to Goodwill for anything small, like decorations, and do as much as you can without hiring a professional. (unless it is dangerous!)

See you next time!


Love, Kelsey Hetlage

Happy New Year Day 2?

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family last month in 2015 and a wonderful new year yesterday in 2016!
My grandma told me to never eat chicken on new years day because it will lead to a struggling year financially. She didn’t tell me what to eat to lead to a money filled new year though.😦

New years eve I had a Christmas linner with my mom’s family and I made a crockpot chicken and rice with broccoli recipe and it was a hit!!! Very easy to make if you don’t have your crockpot on ‘warm’ for 1 of the 3 hours like I did!:/ It still turned out okay and people ate it, probably to make me feel better because I thought I ruined dinner.

For new years, I took my dad to a place called Petland to pet the puppies and see the animals they have there. Oddly enough, Petland is very busy place on new years so we weren’t able to pet any puppies. I was able to pick up some ferrets and a bird. This bird bit my finger so hard!!!! I actually let go of the bird and it was still biting my finger. We didn’t end up buying any dog food for my puppies at home because we can no longer afford to feed them the Science Diet which is THE BEST pet food on the market in my opinion. I have to feed them Iams instead, which is THE BEST pet food that is affordable. Two of my babies were born January 17th, 2015 so I am now feeding adult food. My other dog was born May 8th, 2015 so she is getting some extra food to compensate her diet with the adult food.

In this post I have added a link to Petland’s website so you can check them out. I have also added a link to the old food our dogs would get and a link to the exact food our dogs get now. Our cats eat Iams, but it is a hairball control food, even though they have short hair, I don’t want to find hairballs. I also put in the link for the recipe I found on pinterest.

My year will hopefully be wonderful and financially fit! See you all in a few days.

Love, Kelsey Hetlage

Broken body…

Hello everyone,

I have a messed up ankle and it hurts very badly. Luckily, I don’t have a job to go to so I can rest it. 

I was walking on it yesterday thinking it was no big deal but it really is. Very painful no matter what. :( 

I have it wrapped and elevated on a pillow and because of how my foot lays on the pillow, the elevation hurts! I might have to take some medicine. 

Yesterday I went crazy at Home Depot and bought $180 (with a gift card and some cash from work) worth of shelving and plastic tubs for my basement. My basement flooded during the big rain fall we had for the weekend. 

I was going to clean my basement out today, but I am not sure my foot will allow me to do anything. 
Please leave some tips and comments about helping my foot. 

Please like and share too. 

Love, Kelsey Hetlage 

1 year and counting

Hello people,

I have no been married for a little over 1 year and I have learned many, many things that I promise you, you need to take into consideration before you get married or just every year of your life.


Unfortunately, we all think we are smarter than the person who made a mistake and learned from it and tried to teach us how to not make their mistake.

One thing to live by is to make your own mistakes, be original with your mistakes. Or, learn from others mistakes!! It is the oldest trick in the book to learn and live better. but almost no one follows it!

So, a few things I have learned, and unfortunately almost all 7 of them were told to me and I wanted to make my own mistakes anyways, that could be helpful are these:

  1. Get out of debt quickly– I am in so much debt. Since I lost my job, I am very stressed about all of our debt!
  2. Pay off any credit cards and don’t open anymore!- Use the snowball effect, pay off smaller or higher interest credit cards first and then use that money that had been going to a credit card, towards another credit card to get that debt down! Eventually you won’t have anymore credit cards and having financial freedom is wonder, I hear….
  3. Get a decent car, but do not buy brand new.- I bought a junker car this year and I had to buy a new one after the summer because my car didn’t last in the rain and cold weather and I was afraid it would kill me in the snow. I barely got approved for a car and since I did, I have to pay sales tax and property taxes and both cars. It is better to just get a reliable car the first time from a reputable dealership than a quick, cheap car.
  4. I know the dog is cute, which means it is cute to someone else too– Don’t do what I did. Don’t buy every cute thing that you see. If it isn’t alive, it takes up space. (that cute purse you didn’t need) If it is alive, you have to feed it and clean up pee everywhere! (that cute dog you didn’t need) I love all of my animals, but it is hard to maintain a house with 3 puppies, 2 cats and 3 birds. I never am in a relaxing room because I can hear the dogs tearing up something, the birds chirping and the cats digging at the carpet to come cuddle with me. Which, let’s face it, I let them in anyways. (it is scientifically proven that cats keep stress lower than other animals)
  5. Buy a great house-We bought a house more than market value and we are stuck for a long time in a bad area of St. Louis. We would lose so much money on the house if we sold it now. Have someone come and look at the house and see if it is a great place to live and ultimately, if you don’t have a good vibe about the house or area, just pass on the house and find one later. Paying apartment rent is cheaper than paying for a house you can’t sell for years and years.
  6. Savings account, hello?!- Put money away. We try to put at least $1,000 away and every time we try, something catastrophic happens! Of course, because my luck…I have read many tips from 10-20% of monthly income, to two months of bills total in the savings account. Whatever way you want to do it, just do it. It is very scary living with $1.oo in the savings and $14.71 in the checking and having two cars that need to go to work that day and both needing gas. DO NOT GET THAT LOW!
  7. Buy used everything-You might currently do this or think that it is gross or that you are “better than that”, but you cannot find a dress suit for $20.00 at Macy’s. Actually, I don’t think you can find anything at Macy’s for $20.00! I don’t shop at Macy’s and I never will because I cannot afford it. I needed a work outfit or an interview outfit for my jobs and I always go to Goodwill because I know they have amazing deals on sometimes, new clothing! Yes, sometimes you can find clothes with the original price tags, not the Goodwill price tags.

Those are my 7 tips to success the first year of marriage and owning a home. Usually, married couples have never lived together with a joint account in a new home. Buying a home is expensive because if you’re like me, you want to buy all new things for it. It is impossible to do that unless you’re both amazing savers or doctors! The first year is a trial or test run. Don’t mess it up! Take off the horse eyeglasses and see clearly what you could do to yourself financially or do to your marriage.

I hope it helps!

Love, Kelsey Hetlage

I’m back full-time!

Because Pinterest is absolutely amazing, I am on it all the time. (you can follow my pins or me by searching for Kelsey Het)

I recently lost my job and I have been working seasonal at the jewelry store I worked at, Hannoush Jewelers, which is an amazing place with great quality jewelry.

Since the holidays are over, I have no idea what to do about my job situation. Then I remembered this beautiful, fun, hopefully money making blog and I thought I should at least try! Trying is better than giving up, right?

I have read a bunch of tips on getting started with blogging and I know that I shouldn’t make a post once a year like I did previously! I will be on a least once a week to share positivity, my journey, tips and tricks I have learned that week, to ask for advice, and other things that I might think of!

I hope you all enjoy my blog and continue to share and like it and find a smile while reading and create some happy. My contact information is on my page and please post questions or comments on my site.


Thank you so much for reading!

-Kelsey Hetlage


Accidents don’t happen…

Hello everyone,

My husband backed into my car….like 10 minutes ago or so….

Tell me how that is possible.

It isn’t. I told him to take my car to work but, he didn’t. He just hit it instead….with his own car….so both of our cars got hit. LUCKILY, nothing happened.
I also got my name legally changed today. Very exciting……

Just so you know,

Keep your marriage license and turn it in yourself before the 15 days are up

Get a New drivers license with the New name

Go to the ssn office and get the New ssn

Get the work stuff done like direct deposit and insurance, etc.

Then go to the bank

Hope that helps. It isn’t as big as a stress as people lead it on to be but, it isn’t a walk in the park and it does not take as long as people say either.

You’re welcome! 💛

Love, Kelsey Hetlage

This is me, my ring, me.


Take it or leave it. I have tattoos, grown out nails from my wedding…two weeks ago and lovely burgundy hair that was naturally blonde (I love burgundy so much!).

I’m gorgeous. If you were to ask me 5 years ago if I could say I was gorgeous with confidence and mean it about my self, I would’ve laughed in your face.

I never thought I would be married and I honestly didn’t want to be until Him. My husband makes me feel wanted and gorgeous. I am so happy to say that I am married and I have a great husband who loves me for me and it can happen to you. Love can happen to us all.

Love, Kelsey Hetlage

Blog or rambling like someone cares?

I take blog.

This is my very first blog and I needed to write something about my life just in case someone does care!

I love my husband, Eric. We just got married on 12/13/14 and it was a gorgeous, amazing wedding. I was actually mad that day, because my wedding was going to be over in 24 hours even though I had planned it for months and months. It just didn’t seem right with all of the planning I had done to make my day special!

Oh well, I married a great man and into a great family. I have a wonderful life being young, married, and poor. ❤

Love, Kelsey Hetlage